Case Studies

Ford Australia

Ford Australia – Managed Transport Services


We provide Managed Transport Services to Ford Australia for the movement of outbound and return parts between Ford Customer Service Division and the Australian dealer network.

Areas of responsibility include:


Benefits to Ford

Guaranteed cost savings passed onto Ford throughout the contract period.

Other benefits to Ford from the implementation of the transport management solution:

Fonterra - New Zealand Diary Company

Fonterra – Managed Services


We have provided a range of Supply Chain Services for a number of subsidiaries of Fonterra in Australia and New Zealand.  At Fonterra Australia, our team reported to the General Manager Supply Chain and was an integral component of the Supply Chain Management team.

Areas of responsibility include:


Cost savings in logistics

The implementation of the Managed Transport operating model delivered substantial cost savings for the business, in the areas of:

    1. Managing transport rates
    2. Reduced duplicated transport movements
    3. Reduced container detention and demurrage
    4. A reduction in warehousing costs


The implementation and use of the transport management process has:

    1. Fleet integration
    2. Sales order optimisation (match orders to truck capacity)
    3. Identification of back-haul opportunities
    4. Reduce “waste” by rectifying:
    5. DC/Factory/Customer capacity “problems”
    6. Supplier breakdowns
    7. DC yard/dock management through the day